General Policies


  1. No two garments will be exactly alike.
  2. Each garment will be made to order and made to measure.
  3. Visible machine stitching will be kept to a minimum.
  4. At first appointment, measurements will be taken, a plan/timeline completed, and 50% deposit collected.
  5. Plan/Timeline will include:
    • Garment(s) description; measurement chart
    • Fabric choices; alternates
    • Trim choices
    • Embellishments
    • Fitting schedule
    • Due date
    • Estimated Price


  1. Simple garments may not require fittings but should not require more than one.
  2. More complicated garments will require two fittings minimum.


  1. Rush orders are discouraged; however there is room for negotiation.
  2. Simple garments (shirt, chemise, pants, skirt, etc.) will take approximately two weeks.
  3. More complicated garments (full gown, doublet, corset, etc.) will require more time based on complexity of garment in question.
  4. Depending on current client load, more lead time may be required.

Pricing and Payments

  1. There will be a $50 consultation fee for all first time clients. Should client decide to commission The Intricate Stitch for the garment(s) discussed, the fee will be applied to the deposit.
  2. For all clients, a 50% deposit will be collected before work begins. Work cannot begin without this deposit.
  3. Deposit must be received within 2 weeks of signing the agreement.
  4. Payment methods accepted are:
    • Cash
    • PayPal
    • Money order
    • Traveler’s check
  5. Payment plans can be established (small increments throughout the course of garment construction vs. lump sum of balance upon completion).
  6. Base prices as listed are for simplest garments only.
  7. Prices will increase with complexity; for example, fitted gown, corset, etc., will cost more.
  8. Final payment will be due upon completion; an itemized invoice will be presented and must be paid prior to release of final product.
  9. If final bill is not paid within 60 days of invoice submission to client, deposit will be forfeit and garment may be sold to an outside party.
  10. For repeat clients in good standing, a modified payment schedule may be negotiated (decreased deposit, payment deadline extension etc.).
  11. Surcharges:
    • Definition – cost added to the base price due to specifications made by client.
    • Surcharges may be added for items such as, but not limited to, the following:
      1. Completely hand drafted pattern
      2. Extensive stock embroidery (beyond borders and trim, very large borders, custom lace, etc.)
      3. Extensive hand sewing (hand bound eyelets, no visible machine stitching, hand sewn trim etc.)
      4. Hard to find materials, colors, etc.
      5. Custom embroidery, reproduced from sketch or other source
      6. Rush orders

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